Own Your Fears

Can your fears be good for your health?

It’s normal to have fears about your health, life and future. Everyone does. But some people are able to turn them into motivation to improve their wellbeing. We’ve been looking into how this works, and how you could do it too...

Woman practicing yoga indoors.

This is what the fear of being a 'grumpy granny' looks like.

Jennifer's driving force is her five daughters. That's why she's doing everything she can to have a happier, healthier life.

Man in martial art gear, kicking a training bag.

This is what the fear of putting your back out looks like.

David's always been conscious of how health can impact quality of life, that's why he felt the need to do something about his own lifestyle.

Woman practicing yoga in a garden.

This is what the fear of being trapped in your own body looks like.

Jay Jay's had her fair share of setbacks in life, but she'd never let that hold her back.