It's time to Own Your Fears

Turning your fears into motivation to improve your wellbeing is easier than you might think. We've been working with our top Consultant Psychologist Dr. Mark Winwood to create a simple exercise you can do to “Own Your Fears” in just a few minutes...

Fears are normal...

Most of us will have them at some point in our lives. Fear of failure. Fear of being laughed at in our lycra. Fear of not becoming the person we thought we'd be.

They all have one thing in common. They can be turned into a powerful fuel and motivator for change. And by saying them out loud and sharing them with others, we can start a journey to owning them.

Here are some of the fears that people have shared so far…

"That I'll always be overweight and unhealthy"

"My fear is life passing me by and not embracing things more"

"I worry I'll never feel good enough, I feel like a constant imposter"

"My health declining while I'm stuck behind a desk"

"My fear is being seen in my workout gear"

"Not being physically strong to do everyday activities when I reach old age"

"I fear trying new things because I fear looking silly and people laughing at me"

"My fear is having a lack of energy for my family"

Oops! You need to add the fear that's holding you back.

Take the first step to owning your fear…

There's a real power writing your fear down, or even saying it out loud. You've then started the journey to using it to create positive change. By sharing it here you are also supporting others to acknowledge their fears too. And don't worry - fears we show here will be anonymous.

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